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What if Earth starts rotating at a speed of light?

 What if Earth starts rotating at a speed of light?

Extreme speed of rotation of earth may fly the human

Do you find that the Earth takes a little slower time to turn around each day? Well, how do we speed things up? What will happen to the length of our day?

Will there be geographic and climate changes? And at what point will life cease to exist on Earth?


Speed of light : 299,792,498 m/s

Earth rotating speed : almost 1000 miles per hour

Rotation of earth animated gif

The Earth makes one complete revolution on its axis every 23 hours, 56 minutes and 4.1 seconds. And it is not moving at the same speed everywhere. The rotational speed varies depending on your distance from the poles. If you are at the equator, it travels fastest at 460 m/s (1,000 mph). At the North and South Pole, it is moving at the slowest rate. Technically, it's not running at all.

This rotation makes the Earth suitable for life. The diurnal cycle, or shifting between day and night, helps keep the planet at a habitable temperature.

What if Earth started rotating at a speed of light

The rotation of the earth is the driving force behind the weather patterns. Even the tides are affected by the Earth's rotation. So if we accelerate this rotation, will we destabilize the climate as a whole?

If you increase the rotational speed by 0.45 m/s (1 mph), our days will shorten. But only a minute and a half. You may not even notice the change. But even with this slight increase, sea level will rise by several centimeters or a few inches. The water around the poles will migrate towards the equator.

If you increase this acceleration to 45 m/s (100 mph), a day would be about 22 hours. You will start to get confused almost like jetlag. We have to add a few more days to the year.

But for sea level, it would be a dramatic change. The world's oceans would rise by 9 to 20 meters (30 to 65 ft) at the equator.

Places like New York City, Venice and Mumbai will be submerged. Millions of people will be displaced.

If we doubled the current rotational speed to 920 m/s (2000 mph), disaster could ensue. The water would cover everything except the highest mountains like Kilimanjaro or the highest peak of the Andes.

Satellites orbiting the planet will be out of sync as they orbit at a speed that matches the rotation. It would disrupt communications, television broadcasts and military operations.

You will see some significant weather changes. The air will be heavier than moisture. Dense fog, cloudy sky and incessant rain will be normal in the areas near the equator.

If the rotation of earth will be at a speed of 7,886 m/s (17,641 mph).human may end up flying off the planet

If you keep on speeding things up, you may end up flying off the planet at some point. This is because the centrifugal force of rotation will be enough to overcome gravity, keeping you on the surface. It will be at a speed of 7,886 m/s (17,641 mph).

You will experience the opposite rain. The water droplets will move upwards in the atmosphere instead of falling. If you push the speed up to 11,000 m/s (24,000 mph), the Earth's crust will flatten at the poles and bulge around the equator. Severe earthquakes will shatter the planet.

The chances of anything surviving on Earth would be very small. But if you increase the velocity to something more like the speed of light, things will go wild.

If the Earth rotated at 299,792 km/s (186,282 mi/s), it would be 652,000 times faster than it is today. The dimensions of the planet will change. Once in the form of a sphere, the Earth would shrink into a thin disc-like shape. So do you, with every other thing. You could say that it would become a flat earth.

Rotating at this extreme speed would distort time on Earth. It will slow down so much that it will eventually stop. You will freeze in time. So hopefully you're stuck in a good moment.

Animated photo of earth rotating at a speed of light

Earth could become a tiny black hole. This is because the mass of an object moving at the speed of light is infinite. Nothing will survive from this situation.

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