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Planet Saturn is the planet which is second largest planet in the solar system after Jupiter. Saturn is the sixth planet from the sun. It is full of gas and it is a gas giant with an average radius of approximately nine times that of earth. Planet Saturn  only has one-eight the average density of earth. This planet is over 95 times more massive because of its larger volume.The orbital period of Saturn  is 29 year. it is 1.434 billion km from the sun. The length of day of this planet is 0 days 10 hours and 42 minute. the radius of Saturn is 58,232 km and the surface area of this planet is 42.7 billion km2.
Planet Saturn and its rings

AGE OF SATURN : Planet Saturn is also formed when rest of the planet were formed. Planet Saturn is also 4.503 year old, when gravity pulled swirling gas and dust in to become this gas gaint. For about 4 billion year before, planet Saturn established or settled into its current position in the outer solar system. Although it is sixth planet from the sun. 
a yellowish and brown color saturn with its rings

HOW OLD ARE THE RINGS OF SATURN : The rings of planet Saturn is formed much later then planet itself. According to the NASA'S analysis of gravity science data, the rings of Saturn is formed between 10 million or 100 million year ago.

SIZE OF PLANET SATURN : With a radius of 36,183.7 miles planet Saturn is 58,232 km. Planet Saturn is 9 times wider than earth. for e.g. if we think about planet earth is in the size of a nickle then planet Saturn would be in the size of volleyball, with an average distance of 886 million miles ( 1.4 billion  kilometres ), Planet Saturn is 9.5 astronomical unit away or far from the sun. If you want to know about other planet then click on there name to see full detail :
mars planet          

SATURN FACTS : Planet Saturn is the densest planet in the solar system. If you  put planet Saturn in the bathtub of its size then the planet Saturn will float, it will not drowned in water because of its high density and gases.

COLOR OF SATURN : Planet Saturn is look like in the brown color,but because of its atmosphere that is mostly hydrogen and helium, it has traces of ammonia , phosphine, water vapor and hydrocarbons giving planet Saturn a yellowish brown color.

COLOR OF SATURN'S RINGS : With a hint of shimmering pinks, shades of gray and brown, a newly released image of Saturn's rings resembles mural where nature is the painter. The cassini spacecraft captured this exquisite natural color scene a few days before entering orbit around planet Saturn..

TEMPERATURE OF SATURN : Planet Saturn is pretty cool planet, with an average temperature of minus 288 degrees Fahrenheit ( minus 178 degrees Celsius ). Although there are some small difference as  one ravels from the equator to the poles, much of planet Saturn's temperature variation is horizontal.

CAN WE LIVES IN SATURN : Planet Saturn and its rings are the gems of the solar system, but the lack of a vast surface of gas means that humans will be unlikely to set foot there... Without a solid surface, planet Saturn is unlikely that we could ever live.

TITAN THE MOON OF SATURN : Titan moon is largest moon of Saturn and it is second largest natural satellite in the solar system. This moon have dense atmosphere, and the only known body in space, other than earth. clear evidence of stable bodies of surface liquid  has founded there.The radius of  titan moon is 2,574.7 km. The gravity of this moon is 1.352 m/s2. The surface pressure of this moon is 146.7 KPa ( 1.45 atm ). titan surface area is 8.3 x 10^7 km^2 ( 0.163 earth ) ( 2.188 moons ). The temperature of this moon is 93.7K ( -179.5 degrees Celsius ). 

HYPERION THE MOON OF SATURN : Hyperion moon is also called as Saturn VII, Hyperion moon of Saturn is discovered in the year 1848 by william crank bond, george phillips bond and william lasel. It is a distinguished by its irregular or random shape, its chaotic rotation and its unexplained sponge-like appearance. It was the first non round moon to be discovered.

Saturn's this moon is very dense that if you put Hyperion in water then it will not drowned it will also float just like Saturn float.

DISTANCE BETWEEN SATURN AND SUN : At an average distance of 886 million miles ( 1.4 billion kilometers ), planet Saturn is 9.5 astronomical unit from the sun. 

WEIGHT OF SATURN : The weight of planet Saturn is 5.683 x 10^26 kg.
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