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What is black hole, where is black hole in space, name of black hole, information about the black hole | Mystery of a black hole

    Black hole is a place, Where there is so much gravity And nothing can escape this even light also can't escape.

    It is possible to make black hole.Any thing become a black hole.

   If i say in mathematical form,Then any object can become a black hole.

    If the density of any object is more then the gravity will be strong.

    Black hole is a dens object that's why it has strong gravity.

Black hole

  • In universe there are so many star which is lakh,Million time bigger then the earth.
  • If the star become as small as earth then it converted into black hole.
  • We don't have to do all that.this happens automatically in universe.
  • when stars died then it is called (supernova).
  • after the supernova the star started collapse,the size started redusing and the density started increasing.
  • That small point where it becomes a black hole that's called(singularity).
  • The boundary of black hole where light cannot escape is called (horizon).
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The density of a black hole is so high that it destruct Space time.

Any object which is closely to the black hole will feel very slow In time. If you want to know about isro's latest news about mars planet then Click here to see

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The nearest black hole is thousand light year far from our solar system.

(CYGNUS_X-1) this is a black hole and it is 6070 light year far from our solar system.The mass of that black hole is 15 time more then sun.

how long does black hole to come near earth:

the black hole can take less then 1 billion year  from 1 to reach a large size.but it is unknown to guess how long it take them to form,generally.

how many black hole are there in the milky way:

we can judge the number of large stars to produce such black holes. but according to the scientist there are as many as ten million to a billion such black hole in the milky way alone.

what are the types of black hole:

there are for types of black hole supermassive, miniature, intermediate and stellar.

dying in a black hole is painfull?80:

some of have hypothesised that ''dying in a black hole'' painfull roasting, generally. physicists agree that if you are close to the black hole then black hole will stretched you a part by gravitational tidal force.

black hole is scary or not:

the black hole is scary because it has tidally gravitational force in which you are get stretched on it.there so much stuff crammed in a small area that you can get much closer to them and the  gravitational fields keeps getting stronger.

how big are black hole?:

the black holes only range from about 100 to 100,00 solar masses. It means supermassive black hole can r each up to billions of times the masses of the sun.

why black hole rotate:

the reason behind black hole rotating is, rotating black hole are formed in the gravitational collapes of a collection of compact object, star, or gases with a total non-zero angular momentum.

scientist defined black hole:

featureless sphere called an event horizon.but holes can nevertheless be seen.

can black hole be harmful for solar system?:

black hole will not go near solar system or around the solar system and eating moon, stars and planets, and also earth will not falls into the black if these thing are not going to happen then there is no question about black hole is harmful or not.

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