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SpaceX : ELON MUSK Starship | spacex launch | spacex news | starship cost | ELON MUSK - spacex planning starships first test flight in the next week

Spacex is planning for there first star-ship test will launch maybe next week. Elon musk is set for launching SN5 maybe on next week. The spacex team are now currently in the process of finishing and completing the installation of raptor SN27 and they are preparing the massive steel rocket for its first cryogenic wet dress rehearsal or practice and static fire test.

 latest news coming from the isro's center. ISRO  captured the image of phobos, click here to read.

 It delayed from the 8th and 10th dates, the raptor static fire of star-ship SN5 is no longer scheduled before ~10am CDT ( ~15:00 UTC ) on Monday, 13th July.
Elon musk's starship rocket

WHAT WILL STAR-SHIP USED FOR : The star-ship is the fully reusable second stage and has an integrated payload segment. The star-ship serves as a large, long term spacecraft capable of carrying the people or cargo between earth's orbit, planetary destination, and destination on earth.

WHAT IS STAR-SHIP MADE UP OF : The spacex is still committed to stainless steel for both 100 people ( passenger ) wires and super heavy, the gaint rocket that will launch the ship from the earth. The elon musk said that, the company would just migrate to a different alloy, whose component spacex would change over the time.

 COST OF STAR-SHIP : Elon musk said that, in the year 2018 that star-ship and super heavy would cost somewhere around $ 2 billion and $ 10 billion to develop, much more cost spent in building its falcon heavy rocket somewhere around $ 500 million.

COST OF MUSK'S CAR IN SPACE : In the year 2018, of February, Elon musk launched his $ 100,000 Tesla roadster car in to the space on the spacex falcon heavy rocket.

WHAT WILL BE THE COST FOR COLONIZE IN THE MOON : It will cost approximately $ 10 billion to reach in the moon - estimated at $ 7 billion and $ 13 billion with an additional $ 28 billion to $ 52 billion spent on the building base related structures.

HOW LONG WILL IT TAKES TO REACH MARS : The launch speed, alignment of earth and mars and the length of the spacecraft take approximately 150 to 300 days of total travel time from earth to mars to reach its target. It is really just depends on how much fuel you are ready to get. More fuel, shorter travel time. 



CAN SPACEX GO TO THE MOON : Along with being a source of income for the company, any mission will serve as technology development for spacex's plan to colonize mars. ... subsequently, in the year 2018 on September 14, spacex announced that a pre-contracted peoples(passenger) would be boarding the BFR / star-ship to fly to the moon in the year 2023.  

WHAT IS STAR-LINK PROJECT : Star-link is a space constellation development project underway by spacex to develop customer ground transceivers to implement a low-cost, high performance satellite bus and a new space-borne internet communications system.

HOW FAST WILL INTERNET BE : The spacex's satellite internet system is designed to offer high speed internet upto 1GB ( 1 gigabit per second ). Within the next year, star-link hopes to offer satellite internet across the planet, including remote location where internet is not currently available.

IS STAR-LINK WILL BE 5G : The 5G devices will be mobile, and likely be affected by line of view from the sky. The star-link devices are more likely, or at least larger or less mobile, due to the size of the antenna. ... but rather than relying on terrestrial connectivity, many of the 5G microcells can be use starlink as a backhall.

IS STAR-LINK INTERNET BE FREE : The star-link can change all that. Elon musk recently explained that, how people will access star-link. This would be incredibly simple, and it would enable access to a relatively free global internet from anywhere on the planet.

IS STAR-LINK INTERNET GOOD FOR GAMING : Elon musk in press conference is said that, The spacesx's star-link satellite broadband will have enough latency to support competitive online gaming and will typically be so fast that customers won't have to think about internet speed.

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