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Andromeda galaxy information, facts, size, how many star are there, what is the color, when will Andromeda galaxy collapse with milky way

The Andromeda Galaxy is also known as Messier 31, M31 or NGC 224 and origianlly the Andromeda Nebula, is a forbidden spiral galaxy, approximately 2.5 million light year far from the earth and it is the closest galaxy and major galaxy to the milky way. The distance between earth and Andromeda galaxy is 2.537 million light year.
Andromeda is about 2.5 million light year from milky way
HOW WAS THE ANDROMEDA GALAXY DISCOVER : Edwin Hubble established the debate in the year 1925 when he first identified extra-galactic Cepheid variable star on the astronomical photographs of Andromeda galaxy. These were built using the 2.5 m ( 8 ft 2 in ) Hooker Telescope, and enabled them to determine the distance to the great Andromeda Nebula.

WHAT IS THE COLOR OF ANDROMEDA GALAXY : According to the recent studies and researches, the Andromeda Galaxy lies in what in the galaxy color - magnitude diagram is known to be as '' THE GREEN VALLEY,'' a region populated by the galaxies like Milky Way in transition from the '' BLUE CLOUD '' ( galaxies actively forming new stars ) to the '' red sequence '' ( galaxies that lack star formation ).
Andromeda galaxy

WHEN WAS ANDROMEDA GALAXY DISCOVERED : 30, 1924 : Hubble reveals that we are not alone. 1924 : Astronomer Edwin Hubble declares that the Spiral nebula Andromeda is in fact a galaxy just like the Milky Way galaxy and is one of the several galaxies in the milky way universe. Before Copernicus and Galileo, human thought hat our world was the center of the creation.

FACT ABOUT ANDROMEDA GALAXY : The Andromeda Galaxy ( M31 ) is the largest galaxy on the Milky Way and is one of the few galaxies that can be seen or visible from the Planet Earth. If you want to see the detail about milky way galaxy than 

HOW DID THE ANDROMEDA GALAXY GETS ITS NAME : The Andromeda Galaxy gets its name from the region in which it appears, the planetarium of Andromeda  named after the legendary Greek princess Andromeda.

IS MILKY WAY BIGGER THAN ANDROMEDA : Until the relatively recently, it was thought to be that our neighboring galaxy which is Andromeda galaxy, was much larger than the Milky Way galaxy. But after the research it proofs that the Milky Way galaxy is, in fact, much larger than Andromeda Galaxy.

WHAT HAPPENS TO EARTH WHEN ANDROMEDA GALAXY COLLIDE WITH MILKY WAY GALAXY : When two of the galaxies meet up, then it will make for a beautiful sight. Upon approach, the Andromeda galaxy will warp the milky way's band into our sky. Eventually, the cores of the galaxies will dissolve. Unfortunately, life as we know it will not exist on the Earth because this spectacle plays out.

IS THERE HUMAN ON ANDROMEDA GALAXY : There is no reason that they cannot. The Andromeda Galaxy is essentially a large twin of the Milky Way put the number of the possible life bearing planets at about 500 million. So, Maybe there is a chance of life existence.

WHAT IS THE SIZE OF THE ANDROMEDA GALAXY : The Andromeda Galaxy has a diameters of about 220,000 light year (67 KPC ) making it the largest member of the local cluster, if not larger. The number of star contained in tot eh Andromeda Galaxy is one trillion ( 1x1012 ), or roughly twice the estimated number for the Milky Way Galaxy.

IS ANDROMEDA GALAXY IS THE LARGEST GALAXY : If we talk about the local group than, the Andromeda Galaxy is the largest galaxy in the local group, more than twice the size of the Milky Way Galaxy.

HOW MANY PLANETS ARE THERE IN THE ANDROMEDA GALAXY : According to the scientists, they currently estimate that, approximately 50% of all stars are orbited by at least one planet - most likely the fraction is even higher. Given this number and the estimates number of stars in the Andromeda Galaxy, Andromeda has 500 billion planet.

HAVE SCIENTISTS FOUND THE PLANET IN THE ANDROMEDA GALAXY : ( Dearth ) Shortage of  Metals. Astronomers announced a possible looking planet in the nearby Andromeda Galaxy in the year 2009, but its presence or its visibility has not yet been confirmed. So it creates a new found planet,  called HIP 13044 b, which is apparently discovered around a star another galaxy.

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