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Sombrero galaxy | information on Sombrero galaxy | full detail about the Sombrero galaxy.

The Sombrero Galaxy is a lanticular galaxy in the constellation range of Virgo and Corvus, for about 9.55 megaperseconds from the Earth. The Galaxy has a diameters of about 15 kilopersecs which is 3/10 of the size of the Milky way galaxy, which is 30% of the size of the Milky Way galaxy.
Sombrero galaxy

Radius : 25,000 light years
Distance to Earth : 29.35 million light years
Apparent size (V) : 9' x 4'
Stars : 10,000 crores
Redshift : 0.003416 ± 0.000017
Distance : 9.55 ± 0.31 Mpc; ( 31.1 ± 1.0 Mly )
Mass : ~1 billion M

AGE OF SOMBRERO GALAXY : The Hubble in the space is easily finished and resolves the Sombrero galaxy's rich system of globular clusters, which is estimated to be nearly 2,000 in number - 10 times more than tha number of globular clusters in the Milky Way galaxy.  The ages of these clusters are similar to those clusters which are in the MILKY WAY galaxy, ranging from 10-13 billion years old.

WHO DISCOVERED THE SOMBRERO GALAXY : The Sombrero galaxy was discovered in the year 1781, by the French Astronomer ( Pierre Mechain ), one of the Charles messier's colleagues. The Sombrero galaxy is also known as M104 an it is located 28 million light years far away in the constellation Virgo, and with mass equal to 800 billion suns. This is the most giant and massive objects in the Virgo galaxy cluster.

WHAT IS SOMBRERO GALAXY MADE OF : These Galaxy properly and appropriately called the sombrero galaxy, its catalogue name is  Messier 104. Thick dusty lanes form the edge of the galaxy. The air flow in the magnificent white crown is made up of central bulge between older stars. These stars are a favorite among our own Milky Way Galaxy.

WHICH TYPE OF GALAXY IS SOMBRERO GALAXY : The Sombrero galaxy is also known as(Messier 104, M104 and NGC 4594) it is a lanticular galaxy in the constellation boundaries of Virgo and Corvus, being 9.55 megapersecs ( 31.1 million light years ) from the planet Earth.

IS LIFE EXIST IN THE SOMBRERO GALAXY : '' The Universe  is probably is filled with the habitable planets, the scientists think it should be teeming with the aliens.''

SPECIALITY OF SOMBRERO GALAXY : The Sombrero galaxy is one of the most giant and largest galaxies in the Virgo galaxy cluster. The astronomers of the NASA has note that the central bulge of the Sombrero galaxy exhibits many light point that are spherical cluster or globular clusters. It covers many wide areas that have not been scientifically identified.

HOW SOMBRERO GALAXY GET ITS NAMED : The Sombrero galaxy get its named because of the halo surrounding its disc is unusally large, making it look like a Sombrero.

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