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Messier 87 Galaxy full detail | what is the size, weight, color, mass, how many stars and planets in Messier 87 Galaxy.

Messier 87 is the supergiant elliptical galaxy exist in the Universe. It has approximately 1 trillion stars in the constellation Virgo. The Apparent mass of the Messier galaxy is ~2,400 billion M☉. The distance of Messier to Earth is 53.49 million light year. The radius of this Galaxy is 60,000 light years. Apparent size of Messier Galaxy is 7.2 x 6.8 moa. The radius of Messier 87 Galaxy is 60,000 light year.
Messier 87 galaxy

WHO DISCOVER THE MESSIER 87 GALAXY : The Astronomer Charles Messier discovered a bright spot in the constellation virgo in the year 1781, now known as Messier 87 or we can called M87. This Messier 87 Galaxy contain about several trillion stars. Messier Galaxy is 55 million light year far away from us.

IS M87 GALAXY IS SIMILAR TO MILKY WAY GALAXY : Messier 87 Galaxy is a weird Galaxy. This Messier Galaxy is very much different from the Milky way Galaxy. This M87 Galaxy was founded in the year 1781 by the astronomer ( Charles Messier ). This Galaxy is an elliptical Galaxy and Our Milky Way is a spiral galaxy. 

HOW FAR IS MILKY WAY GALAXY FROM THE EARTH, SOLAR SYSTEM AND MILKY WAY GALAXY : The Messier Galaxy ( M87 ) is 54 million light year from the Earth, Discovered by the Astronomer Charles Messier in the year 1781. M87 is 54 million light year from the earth in the constellation virgo. It has an apparent magnitude of 9.6 and can be observed using a small Telescope mostly in May. If you want to know about milky way galaxy or Andromeda galaxy then click below.

WHAT IS THE AGE OF MESSIER 87 GALAXY : The age of Messier Galaxy is 13.24 billion year.
Black hole in the Messier 87 galaxy

FACT ABOUT THE MESSIER GALAXY 87 : The giant galaxy M87 is the most spectacular example of an elliptical galaxy that we can see from the Earth. The most attractive feature of this galaxy is its jet, which is visible in optical light as well as x-rays and radio emission. ... It is likely to be formed by a recent merger between two other galaxies 
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