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Planet Mars | what is the age - size - weight - temperature - oxygen - color {full detail information}

Planet mars is the fourth planet from the sun. It is the second smallest planet in the solar system, but it is larger then planet mercury. The name of mars is a roman deity and is often called the '' red planet. '' The gravity of mars is 3.711 m/s square. The orbital period of mars is 687 days.

AGE OF MARS : The age of planet mars is 4.603 billion years. Little martian is known to have the earliest period  of history, which dates back to the creation of its crust some 4.5 billion year ago, planet to have had a great impact.
Planet mars is 208.61 million far from sun

WHY MARS CALLED RED PLANET : Well, a lot of the rocks on the planet mars are filled with the iron, and when they come in the contact with the great road,  'oxidize' and turn red. In the same way an old bike left in the yard is all rusted up. When the dust rusted by those rocks is pulled into the atmosphere, it gives pink color to the sky of mars.

NASA is launching it's perseverance rover to mars planet on july 30th,at 7:50 A.M. If you want to read full detail then click👉 NASA perseverance rover launching.

DOES MARS HAVE OXYGEN : The atmosphere on mars is much thinner then planet earth. There is an atmosphere's layer of gases surrounding mars. It also include trace level of water vapor, oxygen, hydrogen, carbon monoxide, and other noble gases. Click here if you want to know about planet Jupiter information.

SIZE OF PLANET MARS : The size of planet mars is 3,389.5 km. The diameter of mars is 6.779 km or 4.212 mi,little more then half of the planet earth. The mass of planet mars is 6.39 × 10^23 kg. for about ten times less than the earth. If you assume that they're both perfect shape of sphere, this means that you can actually put 7 mars inside earth. mean to say that 7 mars can fit in earth.

CAN WE BREATHE ON MARS : 95% of the atmosphere in mars is carbon dioxide. '' and almost 1% of oxygen. we need to breathe oxygen. '' There is no free oxygen in martian atmosphere. It is very risky to live there without any backup. You can not breathe this gas. Click here to see latest news of isro's mangalyan in of phobos captured.

IT IS POSSIBLE TO PLANT A TREE ON MARS : Mars is also, usually, too cold for most plants to grow, and too dry... However, there are some hardy lichen (not really plants, and certainly not trees) that have been shown to be able to survive under martian condition, son not all is lost. For terraforming, they can actually work. 

WHAT ELEMENTS ARE FOUND IN MARS PLANET : With the respect to these  data sources, scientists find that the most abundant chemical elements in mars's crust are silicon, oxygen, iron, magnesium, aluminium, calcium and potassium. These are the big or major components of minerals that include igneous rocks.

WHO WENT TO MARS FIRST : The spacecraft was launched in the year 1964, of November 28, and it was the first spacecraft to fly by mars in the year 1965, of july 14. the spacecraft sent  21 photos of red planet or mars back to earth.

MARS AND EARTH COMPARISON : If we talk about the length of day then, the length of day in earth is 23 hours 56 minutes and in mars have 24 hours 37 minutes.. If we talk about there gravity then earth has an gravity of .66 times that of mars and mars has an gravity of 0.375 that of earth. If we talk about there temperature then the average temperature of earth is 57 degrees F and in mars has an temperature of -81 degrees F. The atmosphere in earth are nitrogen, oxygen, argon and another and the atmosphere in mars are mostly carbon dioxide, some water here to read about planet venus.

MOONS OF MARS : There are 2 moons of mars.

1: PHOBOS : The phobos moon is the larger and innermost of the two natural satellites of mars. The other being deimos. Both moons were discovered in the year 1877 by an american astronomer named Asaph hall. Moon phobos is a small, irregularly shaped object with a mean radius of 11 km is seven times as larger as outer moon, deimos.

2: DEIMOS : The deimos moon is the smaller and outermost of the two natural satellite of mars planet. deimos moon has a mean radius of 6.2 km and it takes 30.3 hours to orbit planet mars. deimos moon is 23,460 km from mars planet. Much far from mars other moon, phobos.

WHO FOUND PLANET MARS : The planet mars has been documanted for at least 4000 year, It is impossible to credit someone with its discovery but however, The first person who observe mars planet was astronomer galileo galilei in the year 1610 with his telescope

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