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Pinwheel galaxy | Pinwheel galaxy information | what is the age, size, mass, of the Pinwheel galaxy.

The Pinwheel galaxy is a face on spiral galaxy, 21 million light year far away from our Earth in the constellation Ursa major. it was discovered on 27 march, in the year 1781 by (Pierre Mechain) and reported to ( Charles Messier ), who verified his status as one of his last entries in the Messier catalog.
Pinwheel galaxy view from (spitzer infrared, Hubble visible and chandra X-ray )

Distance to Earth : 20.87 million light years
Radius : 85,000 light years
co-ordinates: RA 14h 3m 13s | De + 54° 20' 57''
Distance : 20.9 ± 1.8 million light years ( Mly ) ( 6.4 ± 0.5 Mpc )
Stars : 1 lakh crore
Apparent size (v) : 28'.8 x 26'.9

WHAT IS PINWHEEL GALAXY MADE OF : These giant and massive amounts of hydrogen gases exist because the stars are mainly composed of hydrogen and helium. The center of the Pinwheel galaxy is called the '' Central bulge ''. This mass is believed to be equal to approximately 3 billion suns. Unlikely the spiral arms of Pinwheel galaxy, very few stars are produced in the central bulge.

WHO DISCOVERED THE PINWHEEL GALAXY : In the year 1781, in March 27, ''Pierre Mechain'', one of Charles Messier's collaborators,  discovered the Pinwheel galaxy. It is located 25 million light year far away from the Earth in the constellation Ursa major, the apparent magnitude of M101 is 7.9.

WHAT IS THE AGE OF PINWHEEL GALAXY : The age of Pinwheel galaxy is about 21 million light years. This means that the light we are seeing in this image left the Pinwheel Galaxy is approximately 21 million year ago- many millions of years before humans ever walked the Earth planet.

WHICH TYPE OF GALAXY IS PINWHEEL GALAXY : These galaxy is a spiral Galaxy, this stunning view of Pinwheel galaxy is also known as M101, is one of the massive, giant and largest image Hubble has ever clicked or captured this spiral galaxy. Assembled from 51 exposures taken during various studies over nearly ten year, this infrared and visible light footage or image measures 16,000 by 12,000 pixels.
Pinwheel galaxy

WHAT IS THE COLOR OF PINWHEEL GALAXY : This exposes the heat emitted by the dust lanes in the galaxy, where stars can form. The yellow color is Hubble's view in the visible light. Most of this light comes from stars, and they detect a spiral structure similar to that of dust lanes.

IS PINWHEEL GALAXY IS BIGGER THAN MILKY WAY  : The Pinwheel galaxy is 170,000 light years across - nearly two times the size of the Milky Way Galaxy, and takes up and area or it covers the area of the sky equivalent to one fifth the size of the full moon. It lies about 10 times as far away as our nearest large neighbor, the Andromeda Galaxy

 IS LIFE EXIST IN PINWHEEL GALAXY : There is a no chance for existence of life in Pinwheel galaxy. No life possible at Edge of the Pinwheel. ... The scientists believe that this space dust has potential to be converted in to the stuff of life. The Pinwheel galaxy is located for approximately 27 million light years far away in the constellation Ursa Major.

UNIQUENESS OF PINWHEEL GALAXY : Pinwheel galaxy is very different from all of the other. The Pinwheel galaxy is a unique galaxy because it does not have a black hole at its center. ... These X-ray sources are stellar mass black holes. They form when stars die and their contents fall into a stellar mass black hole. This materials heats up as soon as it falls and throws X-ray.


1 : The size of Pinwheel galaxy is two times the size of Milky Way galaxy. It means that Pinwheel galaxy is 2 times bigger than Milky way galaxy.

2 : The spiral arms of the Pinwheel galaxy have more than 3,000 Starbirth regions, the most seen in any type of galaxy. These are called HII region due to the abundant amount of hydrogen.

3 : The Pinwheel galaxy has a very small central bulge with about 3 billion solar masses. In the comparison to the starbirth action in the spiral arms, the bulge is much quieter, with almost no Star being produce

4 : Many of the Galaxies have the Black hole but in Pinwheel galaxy, the astronomers have not found one at the heart of the Pinwheel galaxy.

5 : The Pinwheel galaxy has several x-ray sources. They originate from erupted regions and regions around the stellar mass black hole ( where the material falls into the black hole ).

6 : The Pinwheel galaxy is belongs to a group of Galaxies that are all interacting with each other with gravity. As a result of this dance, their shapes are distorted.

7 : the apparent mass of Pinwheel galaxy is ~1,000 billion M

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