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Antennae Galaxy full exploration | what is the size, color, mass, radius and how many planets are there in Antennae galaxy.

The Antennae Galaxies were firstly discovered by the Astronomer William Herschel, in the year 1785. The Antennae Galaxies are the pair of interacting galaxies in the constellation Corvus. They are currently going through a starburst phase, in which the clouds collision of gas and dust, with the entangled magnetic fields, causes rapid star formation.

HOW FAR IS ANTENNAE GALAXY FROM THE MILKY WAY : A recent studies and researches founded that, these are the interacting, conflicting galaxies are less remote from the Milky Way Galaxy than previously thought at 45 million light years instead of 65 million light year. It means that the scientists are expecting that the Antennae galaxy is 65 million light year, but instead of 65 million light year, the Antennae Galaxy is 45 million light year. 

WHAT IS THE WEIGHT OF ANTENNAE GALAXIES : The altogether or the total molecular gas mass of the Antennae system increases to ∼1010 M⊙. In the vicinity of each galactic nucleous, the molecular gas mass, 1 x 2 x 109 M⊙, exceeds the galactic center region by a factor of about 100.

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WHAT TYPE OF GALAXY IS ANTENNAE GALAXY : The two spiral galaxies began interactions a few hundred million year ago, making the Antennae galaxies one of the examples of a pair of colliding galaxies. About half of the sculptures in the Antennae image are young group with thousands of star.
Antennea galaxies

WHAT IS THE COLOR OF ANTENNAE GALAXY : The clouds of gas which is in the Antennae galaxy  are shown as in the pink and red color, while the cores of Antennae galaxies, where some of the older stars remain, are yellow in color. The blue colored points and regions are where star formation, triggered by the galactic collisions, are happening at a furious rate.

HOW BIG IS ANTENNAE GALAXY : The Antennae Galaxy is also called as NGC 4038 AND 4039. The long tail of shiny material resembles the Antennae of an insect by the encounter, The distance between the  Antennae Galaxies's centers ( the orange region in the Hubble image ) is 30,000 light year. To know the distance of Andromeda galaxy and Messier 87 galaxy from the Earth than CLICK HERE👉Andromeda galaxy    
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WHAT ELEMENTS ARE FOUND IN THE ANTENNAE GALAXIES : The Chandra X-ray Observatory of NASA has discovered rich deposits of neon, silicon and magnesium in a pair of colliding Galaxies known as the Antennae. The deposits are located in the vast clouds of hot gas. If you want to know about the Pluto or mars planet than click on there name to see

WHY ANTENNAE GALAXIES CALLED ANTENNAE GALAXIES : Antennae Galaxies derive their name from the long Antenna like '' arms '', which extends far beyond the nuclei of the two galaxies, observed by the ground based telescopes. These '' tidal tails '' were formed during the initial encounter of galaxies for approximately 200 to 300 million year ago.
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