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planet venus | what is the color of venus, age, size, atmosphere, temperature ,who found, diameter, and what elements are there full overview.

Planet venus is second planet from the sun.It is the hottest planet  in the solar system.Venus orbit sun every 224.7 earth days.Venus does not have any moons. The length of day in venus is 116 days 18 hours 0 minutes. Planet venus is 108.2 million km far from the sun.the surface area of planet venus is 460.2 million km square.

Planet mercury
THE AGE OF PLANET VENUS: The age of planet venus is 
4.503 billion year. All the planets in the solar system has almost age. If you want to know about mercury planet how it looks and what is the age of mercury then Click here.

FACTS ABOUT PLANET VENUS:  venus is the hotter planet then the mercury despite being further away from the sun, Venus is the second brightest natural object in the sky after moon, Venus has 90 times the atmospheric pressure of earth which means venus has more atmosphere than earth. Venus rotate clockwise in its axis.If you want to know interesting fact about earth then click here

SIZE OF PLANET VENUS: The size of planet venus is 6,051.8 km.if we compare from earth then, venus with its radius of 3,760 miles (6,052 kilometers), venus is roughly the same size as compare with earth but slightly smaller.Venus is the 0.7 astronomical units away from the sun.For more information about mysterios planet then Click here.

WHO IS BIGGER VENUS OR EARTH?: If we talk about there radius then earth, the earth radius of 6,371 km in the other hand venus has a radius of  about 6,052 km. Now talk about there mass, then earth mass 5,972,370,000 quadrillion kg, and in the other hand the mass of venus is 4,867,500,000 quadrillion kg. Now this means that planet venus is roughly 0.9499 the size of earth and 0.815 as massive. 
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COLOUR OF PLANET VENUS: Generally venus is in the green colour but, if we see venus from the space then venus look like bright white because it is covered with cloud that reflect and scatter sunlight. From the surface , the rocks are different shades of gray,like rocks on earth. the atmosphere of venus filters the sunlight so that everything would look like orange.

IS PLANET VENUS IS EARTH'S SISTER: It is called earth's sister because of their similar size and mass, proximity to the sun. but in the other respect both are different.

WHAT IS PLANET VENUS MADE OF: Venus is similar as earth, but venus is made up of a central iron core and a rocky mantle,similar to the composition of earth.the atmosphere of planet venus is made up of carbon dioxide with (96%) and nitrogen with (3%), with small small amount of other gases.

IS LIFE EXIST ON PLANET VENUS?: There is a possibility of existing life near the surface of venus. The altitudes about 50 km (32 mi) above the surface have a mild temperature, and because of this there are some opinion in favor that there is possibility in the atmosphere of venus.

PLANET VENUS HAVE OXYGEN OR NOT?: Planet venus have slightly more water in its atmosphere than earth, because venus is a bit closer to the sun so it it a bit warmer, that's why it has more water in atmosphere.

WHO FOUNDED THE PLANET VENUS?: The person who point a telescope at venus for the first time was galileo galilei in the year 1610. Even with his crude telescope,galileo realized that planet venus goes through phases like moon.These observation was really very helpful for copernican to view that the planets orbited the sun,not the earth as previously believed. 

 WHAT IS DIAMETER OF VENUS?: The diameter of planet venus is 12,104 km. It is similar to earth in size mass and often described as earth's sister.

WHAT IS THE WEIGHT OF VENUS?: The weight of planet venus is 4.867 x 10^24kg. If we compare the weight between earth then.

TEMPERATURE ON VENUS: The temperature on venus is 880 degree ceclius. The atmosphere of venus consists mainly or carbon dioxide, with clouds of sulfuric acid droplets.The atmosphere of venus is very thick so it trap the sun's heat, and resulting in surface temperature higher than 880 degree fahrenheit (470 degree celcius). 

CAN HUMAN WALK ON VENUS?: There is possibility to walk in venus because the gravity of venus is similar to earth, but we are not sue that it will be safe or not, because  the environment of venus is filled with poisonous gases including lots of CO2 which is called as greenhouse it is not possible to survive there.

PLANET VENUS IN HINDI : In hindi venus called ''shukra'' the word shukra is sanskrit word. shukra means ''clear'' or ''bright.'' It has another meaning, such as the name of an ancient lineage of  sages who counselled asuras in vedic mythology.

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