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Planet Jupiter | jupiter moon | what is the size of jupiter - colour - oxygen - weight - how it made - elements (full depth information)..

In the solar system, Jupiter is the fifth planet from the sun, and also jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system. We can consider it is a gaint gas planet. Jupiter has 53 moons which are confirmed and 26 moons are provisional. The orbital period of jupiter is 12 year. The distance between jupiter and sun is 778.5 million km.The radius of this planet is 69,911 km.The surface area of jupiter is 61.42 billion km square.
Jupiter planet with full filled with gases
AGE OF THE PLANET JUPITER : The age of jupiter is 4.503 billion year. Finally the astronomers know that how old jupiter is.The gas gaint core had already become 20 times more massive than earth,1 million after it was formed by the sun. Jupiter shaped the rest of the solar system, formed around 4.5 billion year ago, when gravity pulled the rotating gas and dust to become the gaint of this gas and about 4 billion year ago, jupiter settled in its current position in the outer solar system, where it is the fifth planet from the sun. If you want information about planet venus then Click here.

MOONS OF JUPITER : Jupiter has many interesting moons orbiting the planet, but there are top four moons which have there names.

1: MOON GENEMEDE : Genemede, a satellite of jupiter, is the largest and largest of the solar system's moons. The ninth largest object in the solar system, it is the largest without an adequate atmosphere. It has a diameter of 5,268 km and it is 8% larger then mercury planet. If you want to knkw about Neptune planet moon or Neptune planet size color temperature etc then Click here

2: MOON EUROPA : Europa, or it can be says as jupiter II, is the smallest moon of the four galileon moons orbiting jupiter and it is the sixth closest to the planet of all 79 known moon of planet jupiter. It is also the sixth largest moon in the solar system.

3: MOON LO : Lo, or we can say it jupiter I, it s the innermost and third largest of the four galileon moons of the planet jupiter. It is the fourth largest moon in the solar system, has the density of all of them, and has the lowest amount of water of any known astronomical object in the solar system.

4: MOON CALLISTO : Callisto, or we can say it jupiter IV, it is the second largest moon of the planet jupiter after genemede. It is the third largest moon in the solar system, after titan, the largest moon of genemede and saturn, and the largest object in the solar system that cannot be properly differentiated. Galileo galilei was discovered callisto  in the year 1610. 

HOW JUPITER IS MADE UP OF : Planet jupiter is mainly formed by hydrogen and helium just like star formed. Jupiter's spectral analysis has present that the planet jupiter is also formed by water, methane and ammonia. these are the elements are in the trace amount. the core of the planet jupiter contain some rock and metallic hydrogen. If you( Touch this word ) then you will get informations about planet mercury.

COLOUR OF PLANET JUPITER : The jupiter planet is actually in the yellowish colour but, becauase of the outer atmosphere that is mostly hydrogen and helium with small amount of water drops, ammonia crystals, ice crystals and other elements, cloud of these elements create shaded of white, brown, orange and red.

SIZE OF PLANET JUPITER : The size of planet jupiter is 69.911 km. The jupiter is 11 times wider then the  earth, which means if  earth is in the size of nickle then the jupiter will be in size of basketball. Now you can imagine that how big is jupiter.

IS JUPITER COLD OR HOT : The temperature in the jupiter's cloud is about minus 145  degree celcius ( minus 234 degree fahrenheit). The core temperature of jupiter is may be about 24,000 degrees celcius ( 43,000 degree fahrenheit), The surface is hotter then the sun.

JUPITER IS FAMOUS FOR : Jupiter's most famous feature is the great red spot. It is a gaint spining storm, resembling a its comprehensive point, the storm is about 3 1/2 times the diameter of earth.

OXYGEN ON JUPITER : In addition to the levels of carbon monoxide researchers found on planet jupiter, and confirmed that jupiter is rich and full fill in oxygen and, because of its abundance of hydrogen is already well known, it has a material for water. So there is a possibilities that human can stay there.

WHO FOUND THE JUPITER PLANET : A person who firstly detailed observations with his small telescope of this planet were made by galileo galilei  in the year 1610 of january 7. When he used his telescope to observe this planet and found peculiar fixated stars surrounding the planet, and for the next few days he recorded the momentum of these four stars.and galileo also discovered that the stars moved with planet jupiter and changing their location around the planet each and every night.

WEIGHT OF PLANET JUPITER : The weight of planet jupiter is 1.898 x 10^27 kg.

WHAT ELEMENTS FOUND IN JUPITER : As i said that jupiter is a gaint of gas, So it contain hydrogen and helium, with much smaller amount of heavier elements, jupiter has more in common with the sun than with terrestrial in the solar system. 

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