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John Titor: A man who told the internet that he'd come from the future

John Titor: A man who told the internet that he'd come from the future

John titor

Key point

: A man whose name is John Titor is actually a time Traveller

: He is claiming that he'd come from 2036

:He want to alert the world that in future 2036 nuclear war will going to happen.

John titor

What if someone from the future comes to our timeline and starts answering people's questions on the Internet message board? That's exactly what John Teter did in the late 1990s. Claiming to have sent him from the future on a mission to reclaim an ancient computer, he interacted with thousands of people online and told stories of future lives in 2036. Many of his stories warned of impending disaster for the world, but he said he couldn't help.

Titor disappeared in 2001 as soon as he appeared. Did he complete his mission? Who or what - is behind the legend of John Titter?

Tempus edax rerum


Titor first sent the host to the overnight talk show Coast Coast AM, via two faxes sent to Art Bell on July 29, 1998. Fax tells of time travel in 2034 and the discovery of catastrophe after the Y2K disaster. Art Bell read the second part of two faxes in the air:

The Titor is absent until 2000, when someone with a similar background starts posting on the Time Travel Institute forum under User TimeTravel_0, with the same story as Fax Bell received in 1998. The name John Titor was not used until January 27, 2001, when a personal post on an Art Bell BBS forum to open up to others and invite questions about his life as a time traveler:

The conversation between the titor and the posters on the Art Bell Post to Post continues for the next few months. In early 2004, the negotiator said about imminent problems around the world - the cancellation of the Olympics, the division of the United States into warring factions, an epidemic of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, and a series of Russian nuclear attacks in 2015 that all major Americans Cities with the European Union and China devastate.

Fax machine

LIFE IN 2036

Titor talks about his life, including living in Florida as a child, his service in the second US Civil War as a member of the Fighting Diamondbacks in 2013, and the communal / agrarian disposition of life in 2036.

The titor assumes that it stays in a parallel time period, one that is 1-2% different from ours. To be slightly different, but no different from major social events. The titor is on mission to get an IBM 5100 to debug the computer in 2036 due to anticipated problems with Unix in 2038. The IBM 5100 emulates APL and Basic programming languages, an interesting feature. John also has photographs of his time travel machine with schematic and logos used by his military unit.

Titor's story diverges at the end with a different and inconsistent answer, and with the user posting in April of 2001. Titor's story grows as the conversation is again posted on other sites and via e-mail lists, with Tater reaching fever, with the release of a book about Pinnacle, Titor, John Titor in 2003 Closing: A Time Traveller's Tale in late 2003 by the John Titor Foundation, Inc.

Structure of time machine


The Razimus Report, a list of 88 people associated with the original titor posts, has been crossed in amazing detail, with the researcher suggesting that the titor is a hoax - just a guy on the internet answering questions on his own. Out of 88, but all 7 are missed. Among those seven are people associated with the Time Travel Institute, a "pro-titor" website, or those who hold a financial stake in the titer's story, mostly traders.

John titor a time Traveller's tale


An IP address associated with Titor is located in Celebration, Florida, the site of the attorney overseeing the John Titor Foundation. The John Titter Foundation on September 16, 2003, Lawrence H. Established as a limited liability corporation in Florida under Haber's leadership.

The Razimus report named Haber as the suspect behind John Titor's story. Haber is an Orlando, FL entertainment attorney and former vice president of the Florida Motion Picture and Television Association, who currently resides on the Board of Directors for Women in Film and TV - Florida. Haber in the past provided legal services to Walt Disney World and Universal Studios.

I did Lawrence H. Haber contacted his law office and inquired about ongoing or future projects about titor. Haber said he did not know of any project. The John Titor Foundation used the 177th Military Unit Insitia on Titter, a quote from Ovid - Temps Adax Rerum, or "Time, which destroys all things."


Mike Lynch, a private detective hired for an Italian documentary on Titor, suggests that Haber's brother, John Rick Haber, is Titor. John Rick Haber is a computer scientist who would have known about the IBM 5100 and Unix 2038 problem, later connecting John Rick Haber with the John Titor Foundation with a post office box application. Lynch believes that John Rick Haber has computer knowledge and needs intelligence to eliminate Titor's bluff.


I believe it is possible that John Titor's story started off as a bit of internet fun, but as interest arose, many individuals tried to make money on it. However, no one has yet been successful in marketing the story of the titor (though my future lover may be depending on it).

Additionally, I believe that it is entirely possible that there are different people doing Art Bell faxes in 1998 and posting titors in 2001 - the internet titer provides a lot more detail than the faxing titor. Fax can be the source material for internet titors, or post in an organized manner as bait for many people.

The legend of John Titor continues, despite the failure of his predictions, and his time travel theory received a US patent in 2006. If the process works, the patent holder is determined to have some financial gain.

Titor's attempt to play in common fear and interactive manner is his legacy - Titor's predictability worked wonders for credibility. Maybe his mission is over and he is gone? Given his explanation that he was from a parallel timeline, we would never know.


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