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Are tachyon particles faster than light?

 Are tachyon particles faster than light?

Friends, let's talk about, Are Tachyon Particles Faster Than Light. this is a fundamental particle that has been discussed a lot but it is a hypothetical particle about which we do not know much yet. So let's know;

Tachyon particles image (fiction photo)

Tachyon particle is the particle which is believed to be faster than the light. So is Einstein's theory wrong which he has given that nothing is faster than light.

No friends, to prove Einstein wrong, at least tachyon particle should be existed, but right now this particle is only in imagination, there is no proof of it in reality yet.

Are tachyon particles faster than light

There are many such facts related to Tachyon Particles which are very interesting and strange to hear. Well, I will keep telling you guys about all these further in this article.

What are TACHYON PARTICLES? Are TACHYON PARTICLES faster than light?

Friends, if I want to explain to you in easy language, then "Tachyon is a kind of imaginary particle, which is faster than the speed of light". The literal meaning of Tachyon is "to move with great speed".

Although we cannot measure the speed of tachyon particles, but scientists say that its speed is definitely faster than the speed of light, which is a very surprising thing.

This particle was first discovered in 1967 by Gerald Feinberg. Although many different scientists have said a lot about it, but the truth is that we have not been able to find it yet.

Einstein has said according to his "theory of relativity" that nothing is faster than the speed of light because the weight of a thing moving so fast will also be imaginary and some imaginary source of energy must be giving it energy.

Where can TACHYON PARTICLE be present?

There are many differences among scientists about Tachyon Particle, no one has been able to tell clearly what is Tachyon Particle after all? Where else is it found? Let's discuss about it and know where tachyon particle can be found?

Tachyon has never been created or observed in any laboratory, some scientists believe that this particle may exist in space.

Well the amazing thing is that this particle is faster than the speed of light.

TACHYON PARTICLE can be found like this!

Scientists say that there is every possibility of getting Tachyon Particles particle in Lazer-like media.

Well, the inverted atomic structure of the molecules inside this media is very important.

By the way, let me tell you that if the inverted structure of molecules is seen in Lazer Like Media, then we call the particles present in that media as "Quasiparticle".

Apart from this, to find this particle, scientists will have to take the help of Quantum Mechanics, because most of the Tachyon particles are likely to be found only during Quantum Optical Effects.

That's why those people try to find Tachyon particles by mixing many Quantum Optical Effects.

From these researches, scientists have come to know that photon particles move very fast inside the Quantum Optical Barrier. Which is almost equal to the speed of light.

But the thing to be kept in mind is that photon particles cannot exceed the speed of light here. That is why we cannot call them Tachyon particles. By the way, this process is called "Tunnel Effect" in Quantum Physics.

Apart from this, scientists have tried to confirm the existence of Tachyon Particles particles through other research. Which we will know next.

By the way, I want to ask you people, can anything ever move faster than light? Do tell us in the comments, we will love it.

The Einstein–Podolsky–Rosen phenomenon and the appearance of tachyons

In this experiment, an attempt has been made to find the existence of Tachyon based on the principles of scientists Einstein, Podolsky and Rosen.

It was first used on two photon particles, in which initially both the photon particles were kept very far away.

After this, the scientists tried to understand the properties of the particles of both the photons closely. After looking closely, it was found that despite being very far away, the particles of both the photons are physically affecting each other.

Are tachyon particles faster than light

These two photon particles are emanating from the same source, due to which they are also similar in properties, hence they are also called Twin Photon.

Here one thing is worth noting that the particles of both the photons affect the properties of each other, but the changes in both these particles are very fast.

That is to say that almost due to the speed of light, their properties change, but it is very difficult to say whether it is really possible to move faster than the speed of light. But Tachyon Particles may exist in the coming future in Quantum Physics.

Is it really possible to be TACHYON PARTICLE?

Above you read about the efforts and research to find the Tachyon particle, but can Tachyon particles really exist, let us know;

In the year 1962, two scientists have mentioned the existence of a particle faster than the speed of light, which later became known as Tachyon. Among these two scientists there was also an Indian-origin scientist named George Sudarshan.

These scientists made many graphs related to momentum, weight and energy, in which they presented many such equations that prove the reality of Tachyon.

He also derived the amount of energy that would accelerate this particle by taking the squares of negative numbers. Apart from this, he also told that these particles can also be present in chain reaction.

Are tachyon particles faster than light

The slowest moving Tachyon Particles particle is also so fast that if it collides with an object, it is affecting the molecular structure of that object.

Scientists also say this about its existence!

Earlier scientists believed that the Tachyon Particles particle was actually a wave and not a particle, assuming it to be a wave, scientists tried to send a signal faster than the speed of light.

Here Tachyon's wave was proving Wave Equation but could not explain the equation of the source of energy exactly. This proved that Tachyon is not a wave but a particle or particle.

What are the particles of TACHYON made of?

As we know that any physical thing has a weight, then Tachyon Particles will also have a weight, but it is difficult to say how much this weight is.

Many scientists believe that if there is anything faster than the speed of light, then it is a photon because despite being a particle, it does not have weight, which helps it to go faster than the speed of light.

Tachyon and Photon both fall into the very fine particle category, both are imaginary and both are capable of traveling faster than the speed of light.

Are tachyon particles faster than light

Here one thing is very strange that how a physical particle can carry negative mass.

Because any particle needs positive mass to move slower than the speed of light, it has to be massless to travel at the speed of light, but to travel more than the speed of light it should have negative mass.

Is it possible to travel faster than light?

We said in the beginning that Tachyon particle is faster than the speed of light but is it really possible that something can be faster than the speed of light. Let's know about it;

Most scientists believe that it is difficult to confirm the Tachyon particle on the basis of the principles of traditional physics. Therefore, according to them, these particles do not exist.

While some scientists believe that there are many changes in space time in our space so that the Tachyon particle can be confirmed.

By the way, there are many places in space where the principles of physics do not work. There are also wormholes in space, in which if something goes, it can travel faster than the speed of light.

Are tachyon particles faster than light

That's why we can't deny the Tachyon particle. This shows that we know a lot about space. What do you think, can something move faster than the speed of light, definitely tell us in the comments.


Tachyon Particles can be confirmed only by Wormhole because through Wormhole an object can move from one place to another faster than the speed of light.

Scientists believe that the difference in the speed of light can also be seen depending on the galaxies located in distant space. Light stays in the Earth during the day, but the duration of the stay of light in other planets and galaxies can be different.

Apart from this, the speed of comets moving in space also varies according to time and space. When a comet comes near the Earth, its speed becomes less than the speed of light, so that we can see it.

On the other hand, when that comet is away from Earth, its speed increases and becomes faster than the speed of light.

That's why we can say that nothing is permanent in space, it is possible to change the principles and facts made by us.

When nothing is permanent in space, then we can say that this universe is infinite, whose end no one has been able to find till date.

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