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Russia launches satellite with missile, Astronaut and Elon Musk's Starlink in danger

 Russia launches satellite with missile, Astronaut and Elon Musk's Starlink in danger!

Animated photo of destroyed satallite

Russia fired an anti-satellite missile and blew one of its old satellites into low Earth orbit. Due to this, more than 1500 pieces rapidly moved towards the International Space Station (ISS). Astronauts on the space station had to hide in Soyuz and Dragon capsules due to the deliberately spread waste in space. So that if the garbage damages the space station, then these people can return to Earth through both capsules. Since this incident, many countries are criticizing this action of Russia.

Animated photo of satellite in the Earth's orbital

Russia blew up its satellite Kosmos-1408 by firing an anti-satellite missile (ASAT) on the night of 14 November or the morning of 15 November. The weight of this satellite was 2000 kg. It was launched in the year 1982. It was inactive for the last few years. When it was fired from the missile, it was at an altitude of 485 km from the earth. A little lower than this, the space station revolves around the Earth.

Animated photo of satellite

The US, confirming this wrongdoing of Russia, condemned the incident. US Department of State spokesman Ned Price said the Russian Federation had acted recklessly. Because of which the lives of the astronauts on the space station were in danger. Due to this test of Russia, more than 1500 garbage has been generated. which is easily visible. But thousands of finer and smaller pieces also came out, which will have to be seen closely. Russia has posed a threat to the satellites and space stations of countries around the world.

The satellite photo with animated

Ned Price said that it also put the lives of Russian astronauts in danger. Because he was also present on the space station. Apart from this, a danger has arisen for other human space flights. Because the waste of Kosmos-1408 and missile will now float in low Earth orbit. This can prove to be dangerous for any satellite or lower earth orbit mission.

Satellite animated photo

Let us tell you that at present there are seven astronauts on the space station. Who had to spend about 90 minutes in Soyuz and Dragon capsules for fear of garbage. Of the seven astronauts, four are American, two Russian and one German astronaut. Russia has worried countries around the world by doing this test. Pentagon Press Secretary John F. Kirby (John F. Kirby) has condemned this action of Russia. He told that we have expressed our opposition to Russia.

Satellite above the earth

Earlier, Russia has tested anti-satellite missiles 10 times since 2014. The name of this missile is Nudol Anti-Satellite Missile System. Which was launched from Placetec Cosmodrome. In the year 2007, China also generated a lot of garbage by directly attacking its satellite with missiles. According to the US, more than 3400 large pieces were spread in space when China's satellite broke down. More than half the garbage is still moving in space.

Satellite image

In March 2019, India destroyed a small satellite with an anti-satellite missile. Due to which hundreds of pieces started floating in space. According to NASA, this test of India was at a very low altitude, so the waste coming out of it will automatically end up in the Earth's atmosphere. The US itself has twice launched a missile on its satellite in low Earth orbit. Once in the year 2008 and before that in 1985.

Satellite image

Now the big problem is that the altitude at which Russia has flown its satellite, it is a big problem to launch any satellite in that orbit. This action of Russia also threatens the 1800 Starlink internet satellites of Elon Musk's company SpaceX. These satellites are circling the earth at an altitude of 540 to 550 km.

Showing animated view of earth and it's orbital

Supriya Chakraborty, Professor of Physics at the University of Massachusetts, told that it is in the year 1957 when the Soviet Union launched the first man-made satellite Sputnik into space. Since then, till the year 2010, about 10 to 60 satellites were being launched every year by countries around the world. But after 2010, there was a flood of satellites.

Showing animated view of earth and debris

According to Prof. Supriya, after 2010, more than 1300 satellites were delivered to the Lower Earth Orbit (LEO) till 2020. Only in this year i.e. 2021 till September, more than 1400 satellites were launched. So in total, at present, more than 7500 satellites are revolving in the low orbit of the earth till September 2021. These figures are recorded in the UN Outer Space Objects Index.

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