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Organic molecules found on Mars!

Organic molecules found on Mars!

Mars is the gift that keeps on giving, certainly with help from NASA! The space agency's Curiosity rover on Mars has the potential to reveal new details about the Red Planet, and now, the rover has stumbled upon unknown organic molecules on Mars.

Discoveries like these could help scientists develop the right strategies and tools to find traces of chemicals that once supported life on the planet.

Published Monday in Nature Astronomy, the study explains the discovery of carbon-based compounds on Mars, which may or may not point to evidence of life. However, the discovery helps scientists devise ways to more effectively perform space exploration missions. In the process of discovery, the rover did not need to drill any holes.

Curiosity remains for curious Mars.

Since landing on Mars in August 2012, Curiosity has been looking for signs of life through organic molecules, particularly in Gale Crater.

However, this journey has not been easy for Curiosity. When NASA scientists were gearing up to test the presence of organic molecules on Mount Sharp on Mars, the rover's drill broke. To ensure that the "wet chemistry" experiment continued, the scientists devised a way for the rover to perform the test without punching holes in the rocks.

So, he decided to take loose sand particles. This was particularly important because the rover only had nine cups of solvent – ​​each capable of being used only once.

They then heated the samples to find evidence of benzoic acid and ammonia in loose samples in the sands of Mars. In addition, the test points to the existence of other molecules including phenol, phosphoric, and other molecules that contain nitrogen among other unknown molecules.

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