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how much is the cost of the whole earth, who can buy it

how much is the cost of the whole earth, who can buy it?

In today's time people invest their money in many ways. Invest in things like insurance, fixed deposits, IPOs, gold and silver and property. Most of all people like to invest in property. It is believed that investing in property keeps their money safe and returns higher. As the population is increasing, property is also getting expensive. In such a situation, if there is talk of getting a piece of land, then lakhs of rupees are needed. But if one wants to buy the whole earth, then how much money will be needed? Yes! The real value of the earth has been estimated. If anyone wants, he can become the master of the whole earth. If you also have that much money, then you too can buy the whole earth. Let us know what is the cost of the whole earth.

Earth photo from space (credit pixabay)

According to a media report, recently the total price of the earth has been estimated. The calculation of the cost of the earth has been done keeping in mind the cost of all things in 2022. You will be surprised to know that the value of earth, including land, river, minerals and everything, has been told as 3,76,25,80,00,00,00,00,060 (3 lakh 76 thousand 258 trillion). If your bank balance is this much, then you can definitely become the owner of the whole earth.

Earth surface (credit pixabay)

It is a matter of thinking that after all, on what basis was the entire cost of such a big earth planted. Actually, Greg Laughlin, Assistant Professor of Sarsal University of California, has put this price with a special formula. In this, taking into account the size, mass, temperature, age, and many other elements of the earth, this math has been added. It is quite surprising that the professor has not only told the cost of the earth, but he has also put the price of other planets in the solar system.

What is the cost of hole earth (credit pixabay)

According to Professor Greg, Earth is the most expensive planet in the entire Solar System. Professor has fixed the cost of Mars on which life is being searched for only 12 lakh 2 thousand rupees. At the same time, the cheapest planet in the entire solar system is Venus, whose price has been estimated at only 70 paise.

Earth and it's moon (credit pixabay)

According to Greg, he knows that no one can buy the earth. Nevertheless, there is a very big reason behind putting its price. People should know that they live on the most expensive planet of this solar system. If we are getting a chance to live here for free, then we should pay attention to its safety.

Earth from space (credit pixabay)
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